Testimonial Belkis

My name is Belkis Gutierrez, mother of one daughter, grandmother of two grandchildren and partner of Chris. I come from Cuba, where I worked in Finance and Accounting. From an early age, I have always had my own business and that was why I took up the job of a beautician. In 2012, I had to stop giving beauty treatments because of tremors in my hands and a trapped nerve in my neck due to wear and tear that sometimes caused my hands and head to shake. I had worn my arms out.

I started with Beyuna because I saw the opportunities in what I was looking for: an international business with good returns and freedom.

I didn't want any more staff, trainees, accounting, inventory and the pressure from laws and regulations associated with the traditional business world. And I found that Beyuna fitted the bill perfectly. It is wonderful to go to bed without any worries. ? ?In January this year, I decided to go to the Training Center every Tuesday. After practicing daily, listening to experts and focusing on working with Beyuna; after having received proper information and experiencing a transparent and honest relationship with my new business partners, I can see good results.

I am very happy with my new business partners. It's wonderful to talk about business partners instead of staff: we are a real team and do a lot together.

How do I inspire my new business partners?

•?I discuss everything with them in person or by phone

•?I explain everything they don't know

•?I take them along to the starters meeting

•?I tell them to join the Training Center

•?I take them along to trade fairs

•?We organize events and workshops together

•?We watch the inspirational movie about MLM together

•?We sit around the table together once a week, we evaluate, practice, organize new orders and prospects and much more

•?We always having fun together and working together, laughing or crying and talking about things that are not part of Beyuna; we all have a life outside Beyuna

How do I do it? What's my secret with Beyuna?

•?I am always open to learn from the experts how they have done it, even if I think I know it all,

•?I focus on what to do with the products The products are the tools to work with and use; I know from experience that they are top products and that I can recommend these to anyone

•?I use the products every day; as a result, I feel better and I also perform better

•?I never think about how much I can or will earn

•?I am not interested in negative people and negative stories; I remain positive, even if things don't go well

•?I wish everyone well, even if they treat me badly or unfairly

My goal at Beyuna is to organize a team of 1000 business partners who would like to use our unique nutritional supplements and who will want to share the good results with everyone. ? ?I am very proud and happy with my Beyuna MLM business. Beyuna is in my heart and I speak from the heart to anyone about Beyuna.